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The Song Remembers When: Jake Owen’s “I Was Jack (You Were Diane)”

We take you behind the scenes and explore the making of one of our favorite tunes with The Song Remembers When…


Last year, Jake Owen reached number one with “I Was Jack (You Were Diane).” It was co-written by Tommy Cecil, Jody Stevens, Craig Wiseman, and David Ray, and it also credited John Mellencamp. Of course, it was Mellencamp’s “Jack and Diane” that inspired the spinoff.  And, Jake said that he reached out to John personally for permission to incorporate portions of “Jack and Diane.”  His response? “Sure, man, go for it.”

Well, this was the first song for Jake with his new record label Big Loud Records. And, Big Loud’s co-founder Seth England said that this song wasn’t an automatic – there were a lot of edits made to this song to get it to what we hear today.

For Jake, he said that the first time he heard it, he knew he had to sing it. It was the nostalgia that what drew him. And, he said that he was prepared to sing this one for a long time because he knew, based on how it made him feel, his fans would want to hear this one for years to come.

So, this week’s The Song Remembers When – Jake Owen and “I Was Jack (You Were Diane).”


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