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Heroes of the Week: Kendrick Castillo, Joshua Jones, and Brendan Bialy


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This week, we would like to honor the three high school teenagers who helped stop what could’ve been another horrific mass shooting.

Back on May 7th, two students opened fire at Colorado’s STEM School Highlands Ranch. Three students – Kendrick Castillo, Joshua Jones, and Brendan Bialy – jumped up immediately when they saw the gunman pull out a weapon in their British literature class. They acted together.

Kendrick lunged at the shooter, while Brendan pushed the gun away and Joshua pinned him down. Joshua sustained several bullets to his leg and hip, and, unfortunately, Kendrick lost his life.

Joshua said that he thought of becoming an EMT after graduating, and he said that after this incident, he definitely will become one. He plans to ditch his crutches to walk up to the stage to get his graduation diploma on Monday with the rest of the students. Eight students were wounded that day. Kendrick lost his life, giving the ultimate sacrifice.

The police say that all three boys saved so many that day by their bravery. So, to Joshua, Brendan, and Kendrick, out of Colorado, we salute you for what you did. You are heroes to so many.

For more, check out this story as profiled on CNN.




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