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Kix TV: Brooks & Dunn

Watch Brooks & Dunn on Kix TV. Kix and Ronnie look back on the early days of being a duo. And, they discuss the creation of Reboot.MORE



Watch LOCASH on Kix TV. The duo’s Preston Brust and Chris Lucas talk about their latest album Brothers. Plus, Kix and the guys discuss one of the hardest parts of touring.MORE


Kix TV: Dolly Parton

Watch Dolly Parton on Kix TV as she shares stories and memories of her mother and thoughts on Burt Reynolds. Plus, Dolly talks about her latest projects with Netflix – Dumplin’ and Heartstrings. MORE


Kix TV: Maren Morris (Fall 2018)

Watch Maren Morris on Kix TV as she talks about staying true to her musical roots while not being bound by them. Plus, Maren and Kix discuss “The Middle” and why touring worldwide is a priority for her.MORE


Kix TV: Dylan Scott

Watch Dylan Scott on Kix TV as he reflects on growing up in Louisiana. Plus, Kix and Dylan discuss how his touring has evolved and more.MORE

Morgan Evans_Kix TV_654

Kix TV: Morgan Evans

Watch Morgan Evans on Kix TV as he shares a story about being the victim of Morgan confusion. Plus, he talks about surfing, traveling the U.S., and the challenges of planning free time with his wife Kelsea Ballerini. MORE

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