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Just For Kix – Posted by: Lucas

Ask Kix…Everything you wanna know about country music! Our listeners submit their questions about country music and Kix will answer…

This week's question is from Lucas who writes…

Hi Mr. Brooks,
My name is Lucas and I listen to your show every Saturday on The All New Nash FM 96.9 in Charleston, South Carolina.
I was wondering if Thomas Rhett had a hand in writing the Rhett Akins song “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away.”  And, I’m curious to know why the Justin Moore version received more radio airplay and became a bigger hit than the Rhett Akins version.  I just wondered how that all worked…
Thank you, sir!

Kix's Response:

Thanks, Lucas. I’m glad you asked about this song – it’s really well-written and is kind of a classic country kind of tune.

To answer your first question, Thomas Rhett did not actually have a hand in writing that one, but his dad Rhett Akins did record it – and it didn’t chart, and who knows why. Rhett is a good singer, but sometimes a song will work for one artist and not for another…  And, Justin Moore brought the right version at the right time.

I think its proof that the country music audience still likes a great song that means something.  It’s sort of like what Vince Gill told me once, "There’s two kinds of songs – songs that matter and zip-a-dee-doo-dah."

Hope that answers your question, Lucas!  Thanks for tuning in, and thanks for writing us!


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