The Back Forty: Billy Bob Thornton and Mark Collie

Welcome to The Back Forty where we highlight artists who might walk the line outside of the country chart with their music.

If you're into Americana lyrics with rock and roll instrumentation and a dash of the musical styles of Memphis, then the next project from The Boxmasters will be right up your alley. The dual disc titled Somewhere Down the Road is a mesh of all those styles and sounds and will hit stores in 2015. It's The Boxmaster's first album for their new label home 101 Ranch Records which also counts Mark Collie ("Even the Man in the Moon is Cryin', "Born to Love You") among the artists on its roster. Also next year, expect to be able to catch The Boxmasters and Mark Collie live as they hit the road together for a joint tour.

Check out this edition of The Back Forty as Kix catches up with The Boxmaster's Billy Bob Thornton and Mark Collie as they talk about their connection, music and more. Plus, Billy Bob shares a bit about juggling his music and acting careers.


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