The Back Forty: TG Sheppard

Welcome to The Back Forty where we highlight artists who might walk the lines outside of today’s country chart with their music.


In the late 70s and throughout the 80s, there was no mistaking the smooth, pop-tinged stylings of TG Sheppard. With hits like “Devil in the Bottle,” “Last Cheater’s Waltz,” “Party Time” and more, TG was no stranger to the country chart during that time period. And, it was all thanks to the encouragement of Waylon Jennings that TG even attempted a career in country.

After taking a break from recording and a hiatus from life on the road during the 90s, TG returned to the studio and stage. And, now, with a little help from his buddies, TG brings his fans a new duets project titled Legendary Friends & Country Duets. Musical icons like Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard and Jerry Lee Lewis are among TG’s collaborators for the album. It also features “It’s a Man Thing,” a song recorded during one of George Jones’ final sessions in the studio, and a haunting rendition of “Why Me Lord” featuring the iconic voice of the late Conway Twitty.

In this edition of The Back Forty, Kix sits down with TG Sheppard for an insightful conversation about TG’s latest album. Plus, they discuss how TG found his way into country music and more.

For more on TG Sheppard, visit his official website. And, look for Legendary Friends & Country Duets at your favorite music retailer.

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