The Back Forty: Jewel

You never know who’ll walk into our studios – welcome to The Back Forty. This is where we highlight artists who walk the line outside of today’s country chart with their music, as well as the folks who have made an impact on country music – yesterday and today.


It’s difficult not to be amazed by Jewel’s story on a number of levels. From a career standpoint, she seemingly moves fluidly from poet to singer-songwriter to author, and that’s just a few of the hats she has worn throughout her 20-plus-years in the spotlight. Then, you take a look at the hardships she’s overcome in her personal life, and it’s pretty dang impressive.

In 2015, Jewel released her memoir Never Broken: Songs Are Only Half the Story in which she chronicled it all and shared the lessons she learned along the way. Also that year, the singer-songwriter went back to her roots for her latest album Picking Up the Pieces, a project created in a similar spirit as her debut album Pieces of You. However, this time around, Jewel collaborated with guests Dolly Parton and Rodney Crowell.

In this edition of The Back Forty, we take a look back at Kix’s September 2015 interview with Jewel as she reflects on her life and career.


For more, visit Jewel’s official website.


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