Jessie James Decker Has More Up Her Sleeve Than Singing and Songwriting

Jessie James Decker Has More Up Her Sleeve Than Singing and Songwriting

Jessie James Decker is a singer/songwriter—who just released her latest EP, Gold, featuring her current single, “Lights Down Low,” and a mom to two young children—but what you might not know about the pretty brunette is that she’s also a successful businesswoman. Jessie launched her own clothing and accessory line, Kittenish, in 2015.

“My clothing line is really taking off,” Jessie tells Nash Country Daily during a stop by the studio. “We’re in year three and it’s just booming. I’m so surprised by it. We started off thinking it was just going to be this little thing—did just six outfits, six pieces just to see what could happen. Now it’s exploded—we’re launching 12 to 20 pieces a month. We’ve already sold out of the month of February so it’s unbelievable, and we know it’s growing and there’s becoming big, fashion interest in our brand. So we’re excited.”

Jessie’s Five Must-Have Fashion Products

  1. Teasing comb – “Because I like big hair.”
  2. Eyelash extensions – “I cannot live without those because I have teeny tiny blonde eyelashes.
  3. Chapstick – “I have a big addiction with that.”
  4. Tinted moisturizer
  5. Bronzer

Jessie isn’t just the face of the Kittenish, she is very hands-on with all of her designs. The fashion line, described as sexy, fun and flirty, has Jessie surrounded by a team of women that helps in every facet of the business.

“I design everything with my team. My partner, Rachel is a huge designer. If I don’t design everything, she’ll design,” Jessie said. “We go back and forth. It’s a mix of trendy but comfortable and Southern influences. I don’t feel like there’s a lot of fashion that is Southern influenced, in my opinion, and there should be. So we’re bringing a little bit of that flavor. These are great women I work with.”

My favorite leggings and many more up on Kittenish tomorrow noon EST 😉 @kittenishstore

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Aside from a clothing line, Jessie has also branched out to hair and beauty products, which has her teamed up with FAVE4, a company that sells hair products, from shampoo, hairspray and conditioner to hair tools and accessories.

“I am an ambassador for the brand Fave4, but within Fave4, I have my own brand called Bless Your Hair—a hair perfume which we sell at Target. We’ve since expanded to body lotion and body wash, so we’re going to continue doing that,” she continues. “We have a curling iron too. I love beauty. I love hair. I love makeup. I love all that good stuff. Anything girly, I’m all about it. I’ve always wanted to J-Lo it up. I’ve always wanted to have my hand in just everything I could possibly do because I just love being creative. I love being able to do anything and everything that inspires me. I’m able to do hair and makeup and fashion and music and television and balance it properly—that way I don’t go crazy. I’ve always wanted to just do all sorts of things.”

Mission accomplished.

Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

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