Kix TV: Michael Ray (2018)

There are people you meet who make a huge impact on your life. And, for Michael Ray, that person was his grandfather Amos. From his passion for music to his quiet example of what it is to be a good man, Amos imparted those lessons and more to his grandson. In honor of the patriarch, Michael has named his sophomore album after his grandfather. The singer-songwriter says, “I feel like this record tells a story that flows and that story began with Amos, my grandfather.”

In this edition of Kix TV, Michael and Kix talk about, as Kix says, “stuff that matters.” Through Michael’s recollections, we get to know the man behind the album title as Michael shares stories about Amos. Plus, Michael talks about his work with Wrigley Cares, a charitable initiative that he started last year.

Kick back and get to know Amos:

Michael Ray’s sophomore album, Amos, hits stores on June 1st. It features his Top 20 hit “Get To You.” And, be sure to check out Michael’s partnership with Puma. The shoe company teamed up with Michael to design the “Wrigley Cares Limited-Edition Puma Classic Suede” shoe. Proceeds from the sale of the shoes benefit Wrigley Cares: Helping Animals in Need. Check out more here.

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