Kix TV: Dustin Lynch (2018)

Sometimes something makes you stop in your tracks and scrap a plan. That happened for Dustin Lynch this year. Dustin’s latest album Current Mood, which includes his chart-topping hits “Seein’ Red” and “Small Town Boy,” was released in September 2017, and the plan was he would currently be promoting a single from that album. However, the writing of “Good Girl” earlier this year put a halt to things and inspired Dustin and his label to take a chance.

As Dustin shares, the song “just raised its hand and said ‘I need to come out this year.'” So that’s what they did. In this episode of Kix TV, Dustin goes in-depth on the decision to do things a little differently. Dustin and Kix also discuss trying to forecast music trends as a singer-songwriter. And, they talk about Dustin’s versatility as an artist who has the ability to do both traditional country (“Cowboys and Angels”) and something more progressive (“Good Girl”). Plus, Dustin reflects on his first trip to Australia in this visit with Kix.

Watch Kix TV:

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