Kix TV: Kacey Musgraves

When Kacey Musgraves released her third album, the critical acclaim was widespread. And, the praise quite frankly transcended genre. Based on her previous albums, Kacey had firmly planted herself as an artist who paired traditional country sounds with an outspoken viewpoint on social issues. But, with Golden Hour, her music moved into a new direction. It was inspired sonically by everything from indie pop to disco. And, the subject matter of the album was heavily influenced by her new perspective on love after meeting and marrying singer-songwriter Ruston Kelly.

In this visit with Kix, Kacey details the evolution of her songwriting and the experience of recording at Sheryl Crow’s studio. Plus, how did meeting Ruston change her outlook? Kacey reveals the answer as she and Kix discuss marriage, kids, and that pesky ticking clock when it comes to planning your life.

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