Kix TV: Maren Morris (Fall 2018)

For Maren Morris, 2018 has been full of pinch me moments. From earning her first #1 as a solo artist with “I Could Use a Love Song” to joining EDM artist-producer Zedd for the smash hit “The Middle,” you couldn’t ask for a better first few years of a career.

As her latest Top 5 hit “Rich” marches its way to ACC’s top spot (fingers crossed), Maren prepares to close the chapter on her debut album Hero. But, first, she stopped by to catch up with Kix.

In this visit, they discuss how Maren’s mom influenced her musical tastes and the importance of staying true to your roots yet not bound by them. Also, Maren looks back at her summer tour dates in South America, and she shares why touring worldwide is a big priority for her. Plus, just what was it like creating one of the biggest songs of 2018? Maren breaks down what it was like working with Zedd and just how “The Middle” impacted her career – all that and more in this episode of Kix TV:

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