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The Song Remembers When: Jason Aldean – “Any Ol’ Barstool”

We take you behind the scenes and explore the making of one of our favorite tunes with The Song Remembers When…


In April of 2017, Jason Aldean celebrated his 17th career Billboard Country Airplay number one with “Any Ol’ Barstool.” And, the song, which can be found on Jason’s They Don’t Know album, was the first time artist Josh Thompson and songwriter Derric Ruttan ever collaborated together.

Josh, a Wisconsin native, and Derric a Canadian, said that they initially bonded over the fact that they could drive in the snow. And, they started swapping stories about living in cold weather. One thing people living in cold weather like to do is drink. Derric said that as a Canuck, drinking is one of his favorite past times so that became the focus of their writing session.

Initially, Derric thought that Josh was going to record it for his own album, but the two demo-ed it and sent it to producer Michael Knox. He thought that it would be perfect for his artist Jason Aldean. Jason agreed, and he felt that the song really represented the traditional sound of country, the kind of country he loves.

This week’s The Song Remembers When is Jason Aldean’s number one from 2017 – “Any Ol’ Barstool.”


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