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Hero of the Week: 10-Year-Old Garlic Festival Hero


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This week, we’d like to recognize a 10-year-old girl who is being called a hero due to her quick thinking during the shooting at the Garlic Festival in Gilroy, California.

The shooter had first entered the festival near a tent that was selling garlic. That business was owned by Wendy Towner and her husband. Now, the Towners had stepped out of the tent with one of their employees Candice Marquez. Candice recalls seeing the shooter coming at them, and she immediately thought of the children who were still inside the tent.

Unfortunately, the Towners were shot and wounded, but Candice escaped unharmed. Still, her mind was on her 10-year-old niece and the Towner’s three-year-old son who were still inside that tent.

Apparently, when the niece heard the gunshots, she grabbed the little boy and pulled him out of harm’s way. Candice says that she can’t believe how brave her niece was to instinctively grab the little boy with all the chaos and gunfire. Wendy Towner and her husband, who are recovering from their wounds, also give thanks to the 10-year-old girl for protecting their little boy.

Because of her age the little girl’s name was not given, but we would like to recognize her for her bravery and quick-thinking.

Kix’s Response:

Let’s hope somehow this heart-breaking chaos will stop.



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