Hero of the Week: Boone Donley


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This week, Lauren Donley wrote in to nominate her son Boone.

Lauren’s son is nine years old and was the victim of bullying at his school. Well, Boone didn’t just roll over and take it; he did something about it.  He started an “anti-bullying” initiative that’s rodeo based called “Buck Off Bullying.”

Boone ordered stickers that read “Buck Off Bullying” and handed them out. And, in just three weeks, he handed out close to a thousand stickers. By the way, he paid for those stickers with his own money. And, when the money ran out, he put up a lemonade stand and raised 650 bucks that he put back into his program.

Boone has now mailed out those stickers to schools in over 32 states and three different countries.  He’s now moved up from stickers to wristbands and is working towards making his program a nonprofit so he can expand. Boone’s hope is to provide scholarships and sponsor youth days at rodeos for kids who take an anti-bullying pledge.

He’s even got an Instagram page! Check it out at instagram.com/buckoffbullying.

Kix’s Response:

Well, Boone, you are definitely not the typical nine-year-old kid… And, that’s a good thing! It takes smart kids like you to make a difference in this world and after all, that’s what it’s all about – helping others. Keep up the good work, pal!

Boone, you are our Hero of the Week! Great job!


Image courtesy of Lauren Donley 



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