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The Song Remembers When: Scotty McCreery – “This Is It”

We take you behind the scenes and explore the making of one of our favorite tunes with The Song Remembers When…


To say that 2018 was a big year for Scotty McCreery would be an understatement! He landed his first number one; he got married, and he released a new album titled Seasons Change and released a second single from that project. That song would reach the top of our countdown earlier this year.

“This Is It” was one Scotty co-wrote with songwriter-producers Aaron Eshuis and Frank Rogers. He wrote it two weeks before he proposed to his then girlfriend Gabi.

Well, for Scotty, this one was very personal. He said that after eight years into his music career and a lot of hard work, plus a lot of sacrifice, he felt that he had finally arrived as an artist.

The song was pretty much a blueprint for his real life proposal. On the day he proposed, Scotty followed the lyrics to a T – from hiking up a mountain to getting on one knee. When he and Gabi came back down the mountain, their families were waiting to celebrate! Scotty played them the song for the first time.  He said that there wasn’t a dry eye in the bunch!

This week’s The Song Remembers When is Scotty McCreery’s two-week number one “This Is It.”



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