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Hero of the Week: Bob Kingsley


Image: Chris Hollo / Grand Ole Opry

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Kix’s Response:

Well, it only seems appropriate that this week we deem the legendary Bob Kingsley as our ACC Hero. On this past Thursday, he passed away at his home in Texas. For me, it’s a very hard pill to swallow that we’ve lost this iconic broadcast pioneer.

For more than 40 years he has been on the air counting down the top songs in country music. He was the host of this very show until he stepped down in 2005. And, when they asked me to become the host of American Country Countdown, I was honored but more a little nervous to step into such huge shoes. Man, I still remember what it felt like to hear Bob Kingsley say that Brooks & Dunn were at number one.

Bob Kingsley was inducted into the Country Radio Hall of Fame in 1998 and became the format’s fifth representative in the National Radio Hall of Fame. He was also the inaugural recipient of the Living Legend Award, which in 2014 was named after him.

Bob has not only been a huge part of my life but the lives of all country fans around the world who tuned in each and every weekend to hear his distinctive style of countin’ down the Top 40 country hits. Bob’s heart and soul were deep rooted in the history of country music and he shared that passion with his listeners. We’ve grown up spending our weekends with Bob and he will be missed.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife Nan, his family, and all of his fans around the world.





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