Kix TV: Luke Combs (2019)

Nobody’s career is hotter than Luke Combs’ these days. Whether its touring or the charts, Luke is out there breaking records left and right…or at least tying them as he did with Shania Twain’s Billboard Top Country Albums chart record. And, with his latest album, that penchant for history-making continues. In August, “Beer Never Broke My Heart,” the first single from What You See Is What You Get, spent two weeks at the top of our chart, making it Luke’s sixth consecutive number one, which – you’ve guessed it – is a first.

With a career growing at that rate, Luke himself admits that its “unbelievable,” and that’s where we kick things off during his visit with Kix. Watch it now in Kix TV:


Luke Combs’ What You See Is What You Get, featuring his latest single “Even Though I’m Leavin’,” is available now. For more, check out



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