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Hero of the Week: Lynne Cook


Throughout the week, our ACC Team searches through emails and news articles looking for someone who deserves to be the Hero of the Week… Find out how you can nominate a Hero of the Week at the bottom of the page.


There are a lot of hero stories coming out of the tragedy of the Nashville area tornadoes – first responders, volunteers, and neighbors helping neighbors, all doing what they could to help those around them. And, so many of these folks continue to do what they can to help.

One story that caught our attention is about a woman in Mount Juliet, an area that was one of the hardest hit. Lynne Cook was at home with her daughter and their three dogs at the time of the tornado.

When she heard the sirens, Lynne took her daughter and the dogs into the bathroom. She got them all into the bathtub and covered them with her own body as best she could.

When the tornado pummeled her home, it didn’t leave much standing. After the noise stopped, she cleared the debris and was thankful that her daughter and the dogs were all okay. She looked up to find that half of her home was literally torn away. She’s not sure how they survived but she’s thankful to still be here.

Kix’s Response:

Lynne is actually a well-known photographer here in Nashville, and I know a lot of the industry will be standing by her side to give her all the support she needs.

There are so many stories like this in the Middle Tennessee area. Our thoughts and prayers are with everybody out there who have who lost so much.






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