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Hero of the Week: Francois Reihani


Throughout the week, our ACC Team searches through emails and news articles looking for someone who deserves to be the Hero of the Week… Find out how you can nominate a Hero of the Week at the bottom of the page.


At a time when there is so much anxiety, here is a story of kindness.

Francois Reihani of Dallas, Texas, is the owner of La La Land Kind Café. Francois created a program where foster youth learn how to make it in the real world. He gives them jobs and shows them how to become baristas. He saw the need for this when he learned that 12 hundred young people, in Texas alone, age out of the foster system and wind up living on the streets.

Although it cuts into his profits, he believes that we have a duty to our society to help the ones who are in need. Many of the young folks he hired have said that it’s gotten them out of depression and has given them confidence and a safe haven as they figure out their next step.

Learn more about this story here as covered by CBS News.

Kix’s Response:

Francois, this is just a great story… I hope everyone in the Dallas area makes sure to get their coffee from the La La Land Kind Café! Knowing the good you’re doing, it makes that coffee taste all the more better!





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