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The Song Remembers When: Luke Bryan – “Huntin’, Fishin’ And Lovin’ Every Day”

We take you behind the scenes and explore the making of one of our favorite tunes with The Song Remembers When…


In 2016, Luke Bryan reached number one with “Huntin’, Fishin’ And Lovin’ Every Day.” He wrote the song during the 2014 edition of his Farm Tour with his Georgia songwriter buddies called the Peach Pickers – Rhett Akins, Dallas Davidson, and Ben Hayslip. These guys are really fun and really creative.

Now, Luke had that title and ran it by the guys. It didn’t take long until they found a groove and knew they were on to something. The song represented that rural lifestyle that they all grew up enjoying. It was their story and everything that they’re about.

For Luke, he said that the title was something he could see on bumper stickers or even tattooed on his arm…it was that catchy. He also said that it’s his favorite song that he has ever written and that’s saying something!

It’s this week’s The Song Remembers When – Luke Bryan’s “Huntin’, Fishin’ And Lovin’ Every Day.”




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