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The Song Remembers When: Mitchell Tenpenny – “Drunk Me”

We take you behind the scenes and explore the making of one of our favorite tunes with The Song Remembers When…


Mitchell Tenpenny is a Nashville native whose grandmother was the head of a major music publishing company. In fact, she was Kix’s publisher. As he was growing up, she introduced him to a lot of legendary songwriters. And, he knew that he wanted to write songs like his heroes.

Mitchell’s debut single was co-written with songwriters Jordan Schmidt and Justin Wilson. He said that the idea of drinking to get over a heartbreak just didn’t make sense to him because when you drink, all you think about is the person that broke your heart. So, he wanted to write a song about having to stop drinking in order to get over a heartache.

Well, Mitchell and his co-writers had it pretty much finished, but they just couldn’t come up with a hook. It was Justin Wilson, who after taking a bathroom break – where some of the great ideas come from – that walked back into the room with the idea of “Drunk Me.”

The song fell just shy of the top spot in December of 2018.  It went on to be certified double platinum, and it’s week’s The Song Remembers When – Mitchell Tenpenny with “Drunk Me.”



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