Hero of the Week: Bailey Vardanega


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Bailey Vardanega was driving home from work one afternoon when she saw a man flagging down cars. Then, she spotted a small child running across the four-lane highway. Bailey immediately pulled to the side and jumped out of her car. Dodging the traffic, she chased after the little boy because she knew that beyond that highway’s fence was a canal.

Sure enough, Bailey saw the boy fall into that canal. She jumped into the water after him. He was struggling, but she was able to grab him. The boy was taken to the hospital where he was treated and later released.

The police said that had she not been there at that exact time, the outcome could have been very different. Apparently, the four-year-old boy was under the supervision of his grandmother who hadn’t noticed he walked out of the house.

As for Bailey, she felt that her rescue was divine intervention, and she said that she didn’t think twice. She added that we are supposed to help one another, especially someone so innocent as a child.

For more on this story, out of Redmond, Oregon, check out NewsChannel 21’s coverage here.

Kix’s Response:

Well, Bailey, I’m just glad that you were there. I’m sure that family was beyond grateful.





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