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Hero of the Week: Bridger Walker


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You may have heard this story because it has been all over the internet… But, it was brought to our attention by listener Abby Poe.

A little six-year-old boy named Bridger Walker, out of Cheyenne, Wyoming, was outside with his four-year-old little sister when a neighbor’s dog had gotten loose and came charging at them – that’s when Bridger stepped into action. He grabbed his sister and put her behind him as he faced the charging dog.  He sustained bites on his head and face, and when he saw an opportunity to run, he did, taking his sisters hand and running to safety. Bridger was rushed to the hospital where he received 90 stitches, but his sister remained unharmed.

After his aunt posted the story online, everyone has been writing in. In fact, actor Chris Evans, who plays Captain America in the Avengers movie series, reached out to Bridger. He praised him as a hero and told Bridger that a real Captain America’s shield was on its way to him!

For more on this story, check it out here as covered by Casper, Wyoming’s Oil City News.

Suzanne’s Response:

Wow, at just six years old to have the instinct to protect your sister with a dog is coming at you? Bridger, you are truly heroic!

What an amazing kid! I know that your family has to be so proud of you! We wish you a speedy recovery, buddy!





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