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Hero of the Week: Boo-Boo, the Chihuahua


Throughout the week, our ACC Team searches through emails and news articles looking for someone who deserves to be the Hero of the Week… Find out how you can nominate a Hero of the Week at the bottom of the page.


Well, Kix’s wife Barbara, who is actually a cat person, found this story about a life-saving Chihuahua named Boo-Boo

86-year-old Navy veteran Rudy Armstrong lives alone with his Chihuahua on a houseboat down in North Carolina. One morning, Rudy wasn’t feeling well. He knew something was wrong, so he told Boo-Boo to get help.

Now, this little dog ran off the boat and finds the dock master. He barks at him like Lassie. The dockmaster follows him back to the boat and realizes that something is terribly wrong. So, he goes and calls for help. Rudy suffered a stroke, and you know what? He’s got that little dog Boo-Boo to thank for being alive today.

Watch Rudy and little Boo-Boo’s touching reunion here.

Kix’s Response:

That’s a Lassie impersonator right there, and one smart little Chihuahua! Man’s best friend! Isn’t that an incredible story?!

So, this week’s ACC Hero is little Boo-Boo, the Chihuahua, out of North Carolina.





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