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Heroes of the Week: Dr. Bossano and the NICU Nursing Staff at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital


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In the face of Hurricane Laura, there are plenty of hero stories…This week, we share a story of bravery from Lake Charles Memorial Hospital.

Hurricane Laura took it’s toll on the coast of Louisiana. Mandatory evacuations were issued. But, despite that, Dr. Bossano and a team of 14 nurses, two neonatal nurse practitioners, and three respiratory therapists had to remain at the Lake Charles Memorial Hospital because their tiny patients – 19 babies – were too small to be transported out of the city. They had already moved the infants from the women’s hospital to the Lake Charles Hospital, knowing that it would the best option as they prepared for the worst.

The winds blew at 135 miles per hour. The rain came through the windows of the hospital. And, they lost power. Some of the babies, as small as two pounds, were on ventilators and respirators. There was no air conditioning, and in the middle of the night, the water went out at the hospital. Dr. Bossano said that when the winds picked up, they moved the infants into the hallway and the staff slept on the floor next to their little patients.

After the hurricane blew through, thankfully, everyone who was part of that staff was okay, and all the infants were in stable condition. Each of the 19 babies will be transferred to other hospitals in the city to accommodate their needs.

Kix’s Response:

Well, to Dr Bossano and that entire team who stayed behind to care of those little ones, we salute you! That kind of work is not for the faint at heart. And, to do your job especially in the face of a hurricane? Well, that should be recognized. So, you all are our ACC Heroes of the Week!

Learn more about this story as covered by CNN.





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