Hero of the Week: Kyle Kimble


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Well, this week, an old friend of Kix’s wrote in to share a story and make a request. Kix shares:

Kyle Kimble was stationed in Afghanistan at a small outpost back in 2010 when I made a trip out there with my songwriter buddy Bob DiPiero, along with actor Robin Williams. I asked if anyone had a guitar I could play. And, Kyle ran and got his acoustic Epiphone. I played “Red Dirt Road” for the guys and then I signed his guitar for him. Kyle said that it meant a lot to have us there because they were going through a really hard time and the following summer things really intensified.

After serving four years, Kyle retired from the army. And, he still has that guitar. Kyle said that it reminds him of what a big morale boost that was for him and that small group of guys in that little tent that day. He asked if I could resign that guitar because where I signed it is where his hand sits when he’s playing and it’s rubbed off…

Well, Kyle, let me thank you. Thank you for the great memory, to you and your entire platoon for your service for having sacrificed your safety, for the separation and distance you had to endure from your family and friends. We can never thank you enough.

And, buddy, you let me know when you arrive in Nashville. I’d be honored to sign that guitar, just as I was honored the first time you asked. And, I get it – the same thing happened to me with my Johnny Cash signature! So, to my soldier friend Kyle Kimbel, you are this week’s ACC Hero. And, thank you to all who have served as we celebrate our veterans this week.




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