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The Song Remembers When: Maren Morris – “I Could Use A Love Song”

We take you behind the scenes and explore the making of one of our favorite tunes with The Song Remembers When…


In 2017, Maren Morris released the third single from her debut album, Hero. “I Could Use A Love Song” was written by Maren, Laura Veltz, and Jimmy Robbins.

Laura said that on the day they wrote the song, each one of them were having a crappy day. In fact, on her way to the session, she’d been pulled over for expired tags. When they got to Jimmy’s studio, they were all feeling bummed out, so they decided to go to the bar next door for a few drinks.

While they sat there, Jimmy asked Maren if there was anything that she felt like she was missing for the album. Maren answered, “I could use a love song.” Well, they headed back to the studio, and they wrote around that title.

In 2018, Maren would earn a Grammy nomination for her performance of the song. And, it’s this week’s The Song Remembers When! Here’s Maren with her first number one hit, “I Could Use A Love Song.”

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