The Song Remembers When: Kenny Chesney – “Here And Now”

We take you behind the scenes and explore the making of one of our favorite tunes with The Song Remembers When…


This year, Kenny Chesney released a song that reminded us to live in the here and now. It was the title track from the album he released earlier this year. “Here and Now” would ultimately go number one on our chart in July.

Kenny had got together for a night of drinks with his buddies songwriters Craig Wiseman, David Lee Murphy, and David Garcia. They were all out in Malibu, California. Once they wrapped up the evening, the writers went to the house where they were staying and wrote “Here and Now.” It was inspired by their conversation with Kenny.

When Kenny heard it, he said that he was blown away. He felt that it really described his philosophy and everything they were talking about that evening. And, the song summed up everything he felt when he hits the stage.

The line “better get to living because all we’ve got is the here and now” is the way he thinks. Kenny also felt the timing was perfect to have the song on the radio with everyone at home, forced to look at their lives differently in times of uncertainty.

It’s this week’s The Song Remembers When – Kenny Chesney with “Here and Now.”

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