Hero of the Week: Morgan McGlone


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Well, you may have caught eight-year-old Morgan Marsh McGlone of Madison, Wisconsin, on last week’s TV special “Celebrating America” for President Joe Biden’s inauguration. Her story of raising money for those suffering from food insecurities captured the attention of the president’s team.

Last spring, when the lock down started due to the pandemic, Morgan wanted to help those in her community. She said that dealing with the virus was hard enough but then wondering how you’re going to pay for food was too much.

So, Morgan started a virtual lemonade stand by selling coupons online for a glass of lemonade – those coupons to be redeemed once the pandemic is over. At this point, Morgan has raised 53 thousand dollars, so it looks like she’ll be making about 772 cups of lemonade! But, that number will rise as those lemonade coupons continue to sell!

Learn more about this story as covered by CBS News.

Kix’s Response:

Good luck with all that, Morgan! Isn’t that a great story?! Turning lemons into lemonade – it’s the phrase that fits best!

Helping others at such a difficult time at only eight years old? Well, Morgan McGlone, you are our ACC Hero!




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