Hero of the Week: Henry Darby


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This week, we honor North Charleston High School Principal Henry Darby of South Carolina.

Mr. Darby heard that several of his students – some current and some former – were having hard times and found themselves homeless. He is of the mind-set that if you can do something, then, do it. So, he applied and got a job stocking shelves at Walmart – principal by day, Walmart employee by night.

Mr. Darby saved every penny he made from his night job so that he could give the money to students who needed financial help. He hoped to keep the work under the radar until a student saw him and blew his cover. Once the word spread, a GoFundMe page was set up with the goal of reaching $20,000 – that page has now exceeded that, hitting over $50,000. His story was even picked up by The Today Show where they surprised Mr. Darby with a $50,000 check from Walmart.

Mr. Darby said that he’s happy to have all the extra help. It has allowed him to get students into decent housing and provide meals, but the bonus has been hearing from students who are now working at Walmart. Because if it’s good enough for their principal, it’s good enough for them. He said that no one should ever feel bad about making an honest living.

Kix’s Response:

When we talk about role models and helping the younger generation see a better future, Mr. Darby is the man to look to… Nice work, sir! Mr. Henry Darby is this week’s ACC Hero!




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