Hero of the Week: Hunter Kahn


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By now you’ve heard about a lot of people profiting from buying up shares of GameStop on the stock market. A 20-year-old, Cornell University student named Hunter Kahn was able to cash out his stocks at 30 thousand dollars!

For Hunter, being a part of the success in the stock market was a transfer of power from the big-time traders of the market to the little guys. And, with that transfer of power, he wanted to use it for good. So, instead of spending the money on his “dream Corvette,” which is why he started trading stocks in the first place, Hunter wanted to make a donation. He bought up games at GameStop and dropped them off for children at his hometown hospital in Minnesota.

Hunter said that while he was growing up, he spent time at the Children’s Minnesota hospital, and he knew how much the hospital meant to his community. As for the children, the hospital said that they are very much enjoying their new games.

Learn more about this story as covered by ABC News.

Kix’s Response:

I’ve often said that greed is a powerful motivator, but when the heart pushes greed out of the way, something good always happens. Great work, Hunter – thank you for the inspiration! And, I’m sure those kids appreciate it, too… You are our ACC Hero of the Week!




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