Hero of the Week: Greg Ryan


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Greg Ryan, from Milwaukee, has been collecting donated snow blowers and lawn mowers for a few years. They usually don’t work, so he’s been fixing them up and giving them away for free to people in the area that need them. So far, he’s handed out over 100 blowers and mowers.

Greg’s hope is that if someone receives one of his free snow blowers during this winter season that they will pay it forward by helping dig out their elderly neighbors in the area that can get out there and do it themselves. He hopes to continue this program through his own website at GregsSmallEngines.com.

Learn more about this story as covered by Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s WISN 12 News.

Suzanne’s Response:

I can tell you that a story like this near and dear to my heart with my mom and aunt unable to get out there and clear their walkway from all the snow in New York. Some people are charging a lot of money to clear the snow, so it’s nice to see that there’s still some good folks out there willing to help people out.

Greg Ryan, out of Milwaukee, is our ACC Hero… Hopefully, this story will inspire you to help your neighbors this winter.




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