Hero of the Week: Mattress Mack


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After the state of Texas lost power for days in the frigid temperatures caused by the snowstorm, many had nowhere to turn for warmth. But, there was one man who stepped up. In the Houston area, Jim McIngvale is known as “Mattress Mack,” the owner of the Gallery Furniture store.

Jim opened the doors to his local furniture store for several days, allowing those without heat to sleep in his store. He prepared prior to the storm by buying 15 thousand gallons of diesel that would power the stores generators for a week or more. He had areas for those with babies and the elderly that needed to plug in oxygen tanks. He had security to help with COVID protocols. And, he spread the word through social media and news outlets that everyone in trouble was welcome.

This isn’t the first time Mattress Mack has helped his community. He also opened his doors during Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and Hurricane Harvey in 2017.  Jim believes that we all have a responsibility for the well-being of the community, and he believes in being there for Houstonians.

Learn more about this story as covered by People.

Kix’s Response:

Wow – talk about a man that truly lives by example! The stories of people he has helped in the community are endless and so full of gratitude.

Mattress Mack, in Houston, Texas, we are proud to call you this week’s ACC Hero.




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