Hero of the Week: Helen Seery


Throughout the week, our ACC Team searches through emails and news articles looking for someone who deserves to be the Hero of the Week… Find out how you can nominate a Hero of the Week at the bottom of the page.


We received an email from Dave Seery who wanted to nominate his wife Helen as our Hero this week. He writes:

Dear Kix,

I would like to nominate my wife, Helen. She’s working at a construction site where she takes temperatures of the guys who work there for COVID screenings. She gives them wristbands, so they don’t have to be rechecked if they leave for lunch or running errands.

Recently, Helen started writing messages on the bands, things like “Live, Laugh Love” or “I Miss My Ex.” It isn’t much, but it makes the men smile and it usually starts the day out on a happy note. When she doesn’t write anything, they’re disappointed! One guy told her what’s most impressive about her notes is that she takes the time to write them.

I think nowadays making someone’s day a little brighter is heroic! Helen has no filter and she’s honest to a fault, but she’s a unique and a very caring person. I hope you will acknowledge her. She’s a sweet hot mess!

Dave Seery

Kix’s Response:

Wow! Well, Helen sounds like a lot of fun, and she’s bringing some comic relief to those guys and I’m sure that’s something they appreciate it. Helen Seery, you are this week’s ACC Hero!




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