Hero of the Week: Efrain Zepeda


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This week, we share a story from of Santa Rosa, California. The Sonoma County Professional Firefighters Union posted a video on their Facebook page with the comment: “Our citizens never cease to amaze us.” That video showed a utility worker in a raised bucket with his vehicle below him on fire. He had no way of getting down out of the bucket without going into that fire.

Nearby was truck driver Efrain Zepeda. He saw what was happening and didn’t think twice. He sprang into action. He pulled his truck right up next to the vehicle that was engulfed in flames so that he could get right under the worker in that raised bucket. That allowed the worker to get out of the bucket and jump down onto the top of that truck. Once he was safely on the top, Efrain pulled away to get the worker to safety. Just as he did, that utility vehicle in flames blew up.

For more on this story, visit the Good News Network.

Kix’s Response:

Now, I’m not sure how many of us seeing plumes of black smoke and flames would pull up next to that situation, but Efrain Zepeda did – that’s hero power built in! So, Efrain, we are happy to recognize you as this week’s ACC Hero!




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