Hero of the Week: Jonathan Bauer


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This week, we highlight the heroic efforts of Jonathan Bauer from Maryland. Jonathan was driving home from Ocean City with his 13-year-old daughter Ava. They were crossing the Route 90 Bridge over Assawoman Bay when he saw a pickup truck in front of him swerving. A car in the other lane attempted to miss the pickup truck and hit the front of Jonathan’s car. He stopped the car and checked on his daughter, who said that she was alright.

Jonathan exited his car and saw the pickup dangling on the side of the bridge. He yelled to his daughter to call 911. When he looked down, Jonathan saw some things in the water. There was a car seat and some other items and a little girl in a pink dress floating on her back just about six feet from the car seat. He jumped down off the bridge into the water below.  When he reached the little girl, her mouth was open, and her eyes were partially closed. He grabbed her and pulled her to his chest and aggressively patted her on the back. She coughed up a lot of water and took a deep breath.

The little girl, who is two years old, is doing okay. Ocean City’s Fire Department held a press conference recognizing Jonathan as an honorary member of their unit and presented him with their special jacket. Jonathan’s wife Wendy said that this is not out of character for her husband to help someone, but he is afraid of heights.

For more on this story, check out this story from WBOC-TV 16.

Kix’s Response:

Jonathan, this is an amazing story of true heroism! I’m glad you were the man on the scene. Because of you that little two-year-old girl is alive today.

So, Jonathan Bauer, you are this week’s ACC Hero!




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