Hero of the Week: Juan Martinez


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Juan Martinez, from Idaho, never expected for his story to go viral but that’s exactly what happened!

As kid, Juan loved to spend time on Lake Lowell, outside of Nampa, Idaho.  He remembers that back then the lake area was fairly clean from trash but now too much garbage is being left behind along the shoreline. So, Juan and his family decided to do something about it.

Every Sunday, they head out to the lake with trash bags and pick up the garbage. One day, they collected 25 bags worth of trash! Juan created a Facebook page so that other families could take part in the garbage clean up, and now several of them show up to help.

A photo of Juan’s family that depicted their clean-up efforts went viral. And, for Juan, he doesn’t want the attention on him but he’s happy that it’s bringing awareness to the situation. He says that everyone should take pride in where they live and know that it just feels good to give back to your community.

For more on this story, check out this story from KTVB.

Kix’s Response:

Juan, you are doing a great service for your area! And, kids learn from their parents, so what a great way to set an example for them. We’ve got to keep our waters clean, whether it’s our oceans or lakes, because there’s nothing better than getting outside to enjoy the beautiful great outdoors!

Juan Martinez, from Idaho, we’re happy to make you our ACC Hero of the Week!




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