Andrew Jannakos’ Debut EP – Gone Too Soon – Available Now

Andrew Jannakos’ Debut EP – Gone Too Soon – Available Now

Andrew Jannakos‘ debut EP Gone Too Soon is out now.

Talking about his project, Andrew says, “It’s an incredible feeling to be able to put out my first debut EP with Sony Music Nashville – It’s every artist’s dream to be able to write, record & release their own music …and I hope this EP shows who I am as an artist, a writer & the diversity that I bring into Country music.”

He adds, “Being different is an ability & makes you stand out …it makes you, YOU. I still dream of the day touring in front of thousands of fans singing my songs back to me. This is EP is just one step closer to that reality! Thank y’all so much for the support and thank you to everyone who helped bring this EP to life!!”

Gone Too Soon track list

1. “Gone Too Soon” (Andrew Jannakos / Josh Bricker / Jason Afable)
2. “When The Whiskey Runs Out” (Andrew Jannakos / Chris La Corte / Justin Wilson)
3. “Like Yesterday” (Andrew Jannakos / Kyle Clark / Alex Pennington Smith)
4. “Somebody Loves You” (Andrew Jannakos / Jason Afable / Kyle Clark / Sam Koon)
5. “We’ve Always Loved” (Andrew Jannakos / Jason Duke / Alex Pennington Smith)
6. “Wine Country” (Andrew Jannakos / Jason Afable / Eric Mallon / Alex Pennington Smith)

Watch the music video for “Gone Too Soon” the title track of the new EP from Andrew Jannakos here…

Photo Courtesy of Sony Music Nashville

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