Hero of the Week: Nicholas Balboa


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There have been many hero stories emerging from the horrific tragedy that occurred at the Surfside condos in the Miami, Florida, area. Nicholas Balboa was walking his dog near his home when he felt the ground shake. He then noticed that part of the Champlain Towers had collapsed. He said that the image resembled those of 9/11.

When he got close, Nicholas heard a cry for help and noticed a hand reaching up through the rubble. He called for help from some other people passing nearby and they were able to pull a young boy out of the debris. The boy was under a bedframe and mattress, but he was alive.

Nicholas said that he’s happy that he happened to be in the right place at the right time or who knows how long it would’ve been until that little boy was found.

Learn more about Nicholas’ life-saving efforts in this story as covered by The New York Post.

Kix’s Response:

There is so much heartbreak with what has happened down in Miami. We haven’t heard a lot of stories of survivors, so we’re happy that we can share this one. I think some folks might have given a second thought to running towards a falling building, so Nicholas Balboa, you are this week’s ACC Hero.

And, it should go without saying, to all of you who are still there dealing with what I can only imagine is the worst kind of nightmare as you help with recovery efforts, thank you.




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