Hero of the Week: Charlie Ramsden


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This week, we feature a story from across the pond in which nine-year-old Charlie Ramsden, from England, became a hero to his family.

Charlie’s mom, Laura, suffers from epilepsy. Usually, she knows when a seizure is coming on but this time it was different. She passed out and hit her head on the floor. Her husband, Neil, was in the backyard with their three boys when they heard a loud noise coming from the house. They ran inside to find Laura passed out and bleeding from her head.

At that point, Charlie, the oldest of the boys, grabbed the phone and called for an ambulance. Then, he grabbed a towel and handed it to his father to put pressure on the wound. After that, he ran to the car to grab their first aid kit. His two little brothers were crying, so after getting his father everything he would need while they waited for help, he took his two brothers back outside and assured them that mom would be okay.

Neil Ramsden was so blown away by his son Charlie. He couldn’t believe how calm and in control he was in the situation. Laura spent a few days in the hospital. She’s doing fine now and back at home. Both parents call Charlie their hero and say that they feel so confident knowing he is there should anything like this happen again.

Learn more about this story as featured on LancsLive.

Kix’s Response:

Wow, Charlie! Great job, buddy! At just nine-years-old, it sounds like he might have a future as an EMT. Charlie Ramsden, of England, you are our ACC Hero!




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