Hero of the Week: Anonymous Camper


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A family out of Idaho was on a camping trip when three of their children set out on their UTV. Twelve-year-old Lucas was driving with his two younger sisters in the passenger seat when the vehicle overturned. When Lucas screamed out in pain, his brother heard the cries and was able to flip the vehicle off of him.

A man who had been camping nearby came running and went to work applying bandages and a tourniquet. The quick response and first aid that he applied kept Lucas alive, preventing him from bleeding out. Within 15 minutes, Lucas’ mother arrived, and he was airlifted via a helicopter to the hospital. While his sisters suffered minor bumps and bruises, Lucas sustained most of the damage with multiple fractures.

Lucas’s mom set out to find the man who saved her son’s life and was able to eventually track him down through social media. He is a construction worker who is also a search and rescue volunteer, and he wished to remain anonymous. Lucas’ mom is extremely grateful to him for his quick action and hopes her son’s story will remind people to do good and look out for each other.

Learn more about this story as featured by East Idaho News.

Kix’s Response:

No doubt – if you see something, try to do something if you can. So, we honor a hero this week who prefers his anonymity but without him, a life could’ve been lost. Thanks for doing the right thing wherever you are!




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