Hero of the Week: Eliot Middleton


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CBS News recently did a profile on a South Carolina native Eliot Middleton who runs a barbecue restaurant. But, Eliot’s story of giving back has nothing to do with barbecue but cars. You see, he is also a mechanic and the area where Eliot lives is pretty rural with no public transportation or drive-share services, so if you don’t have a car, you’re stuck. So, Eliot started fixing up old cars that were donated to him and giving them away to families in need.

Once his story was covered on CBS, donations of cars and money poured in. People even offered to drive flatbed trucks to help transport these cars so he could fix them and get them to folks who need them. Eliot said that whatever glowing feeling he had inside him must have transferred through the television into all these people reaching out to help!

Suzanne’s Response:

This is an incredible story of giving back… Eliot, what a mission! You are our ACC Hero!

Watch Eliot’s story as covered by the CBS Evening News below:




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