Hero of the Week: Tim O’Connell

Image courtesy of Kara Heinzler

Throughout the week, our ACC Team searches through emails and news articles looking for someone who deserves to be the Hero of the Week… Find out how you can nominate a Hero of the Week at the bottom of the page.

Kara Heinzler sent us a Facebook message to nominate three-time world champion bareback rider Tim O’Connell as ACC’s Hero of the Week. She writes:

Hi Kix,

Our good friend Tim O’Connell had to take the rest of the rodeo season off after sustaining an injury during the summer.  While he was home with his wife, Sami, and their son, Hazen, recovering, he heard that bull rider Ky Hamilton, from Australia, was in the hospital after he got hurt in the arena. With Ky in the States and his parents back home, it was frustrating for them as they tried to get information on their son’s condition.

When Tim heard the news, he and his wife decided that it might be a good idea to help Ky and his folks, so Tim went to the hospital and stayed by his side. He was able to reach out to Ky’s parents with constant updates. He also went shopping for anything Ky needed. He basically became a big brother to the young man while he was in the hospital.

Tim went to help without anyone asking. He gives back to his community in so many ways without publicizing the work he does. He’s a great guy and a hero to many. And, he’s a true example of the cowboy way and the country way of living.


Kix’s Response:

Kara, thank you for sharing Tim’s story. Tim O’Connell is known around the country as one of the best bareback riders the sport has ever seen. I’ve heard that he’s a great guy from some of my rodeo buddies, and I’m happy to recognize him as this week’s Hero.

Great work, Tim! I know the members of the rodeo community are family and are always there for each other and that’s a great thing to see. Good luck at the National Finals Rodeo this December! I believe this will be Tim’s eighth trip to finals. As for Ky, he’s now out of the hospital and recovering at a friend’s ranch. Ky, we’re glad you’re doing better!

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