The Song Remembers When: Travis Denning – “After A Few”

We take you behind the scenes and explore the making of one of our favorite tunes with The Song Remembers When…

When Travis Denning landed in Nashville in 2014, he got a gig writing songs where he landed cuts by Jason Aldean and Justin Moore. Then, Travis got a record deal of his own. When he asked his publisher to pitch a new song he’d written called “After A Few,” they suggested to him that he keep it for himself which proved to be the right call.

Travis wrote the song with Kelly Archer and Justin Weaver. It all started with a guitar lick that Travis had come up with. He said that the idea really stemmed from his own experience of breaking up but then getting back together again when you know a relationship is not right.

In the past, Travis had written songs with really long titles like his first single “David Ashley Parker From Powder Springs.” He was hoping for a short easy title for this one, so Kelly suggested they call it “After A Few.”

Five years after arriving in Nashville, Travis Denning earned his first chart-topping hit. In the spring of 2020, “After a Few” hit number one after 65 weeks. At the time, that chart run broke the record for the longest journey to number one in the history of Billboard’s Country Airplay chart.  

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