Hero of the Week: Brandon Schutt

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This week, we share a story about a couple of teenage athletes in Nebraska. It was the season’s final cross-country race – a 3.1-mile event that would determine which runners would make it to the State meet.

Going into the competition, Brandon Schutt had hopes that he would secure the qualifying time he needed. But, during the race, Brandon realized that he would not get his personal best, so he slowed down and tried to enjoy the last run of the season.

Just ahead of him was Blake Cerveny, a runner from a different high school who was going for his personal best. But, with just 400 meters to go, Blake’s legs started to cramp, and he fell. He tried to pick himself up to finish the race. He would repeatedly attempt to get up, but his legs were shaky, and he would end up fall down each time.

As Brandon approached Blake, he noticed him struggling. He grabbed Blake and wrapped his arm around him and helped him cross the finish line. In fact, he made sure that Blake finished before him to ensure a better time. Brandon knew how important it was for any runner to cross the finish line and he wasn’t going to let Blake give up.

Blake suffered from severe dehydration, and after some time with the EMTs, he was able to walk out of the first aid tent.

For more, check out the story as covered by NewsNation.

Kix’s Response:

Talk about true sportsmanship! Having that kind of mentality – “never leave a man behind” – it says a lot about a person. I’m sure Brandon has a great future ahead of him. What a great example to other kids, too! I am happy to recognize Brandon Schutt as our ACC Hero.

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