Hero of the Week: Shirley Raines

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This week, we honor Shirley Raines, from California, for starting Beauty 2 The Streetz, an organization that serves the homeless.

For the last six years, Shirley has served those living on the streets in an area of L.A. known as Skid Row. She provides food, clothing, hair and makeup services, as well as health and hygiene items. Prior to the pandemic, Shirley was serving 400 meals a week, making them all from her one-bedroom apartment.

She says that her mission is to make the homeless feel human whether it’s through a haircut, a facial, or a hearty meal. Having suffered so much loss in her own life, Shirley can relate to their brokenness, and it feels good knowing that she has a purpose.  She’s happy to serve.

Kix’s Response:

Shirley, that is very commendable. So many people turn a blind eye to homelessness, but you’re out there in the trenches making a difference! And, we appreciate it!

We are happy to recognize Shirley Raines as our ACC Hero this week.

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