Hero of the Week: David King

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Twelve-year-old David King and his mom, Christine, were hiking on a trail above Pearl City in Honolulu. They came across a couple and their dog Smokey who had an injured foot. When David asked them if they needed help, they said, “Yes.” Their two-mile hike turned into a seven-mile nightmare after getting lost. They were tired, hungry, and their injured dog was too heavy to carry.

Well, David put his Boy Scout skills to use! He suggested that they build a stretcher for the dog. They got two long pieces of wood and used their shirts to string across the poles.  They all took turns carrying Smokey down the mountain, while David navigated their way back to the parking lot.

David’s advice for anyone going out on a hiking trail? Think of the worst possible scenarios and prepare for that.

Learn more about this story as covered by Honolulu’s KHON2.

Kix’s Response:

We’re glad everyone, including Smokey, made it back home safely!

David King, at just 12 years old, you are pretty impressive! Great move up there on that mountain! David, you are this week’s ACC Hero.

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