Hero of the Week: Leah Lizarondo

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There are food companies and businesses that toss away hundreds of pounds of food every day. The food is perfectly good to eat, but the companies can no longer sell it due to its appearance or the sell-by-dates. It turns out that food waste makes up 25 percent of all material in landfills and is the leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2015, Leah Lizarondo, from Pittsburgh, started 412 Food Rescue. They take the discarded food and redirect it to households and non-profits. Leah has also started an app called Food Rescue Hero to organize over 13 thousand drivers in 15 cities to help distribute the much-needed food. 412 Food Rescue even has its own kitchen called The Good Food Project where they turn the food into heat-and-eat meals.

With the help of 800 retailers, which results in a zero-cost for food, Leah has been providing 600 meals a week to those in need. Since the non-profit’s start, it’s been estimated that they’ve created 17 million meals which has eliminated 11 million pounds of CO-2!

Learn more in this feature from the Good News Network.

Kix’s Response:

Leah Lizarondo, you are this week’s ACC Hero. Good work!

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