Heroes of the Week: Casey Holihan, John Noe, and Schmidt Baking Company

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Earlier this month, motorists were stranded along I-95 in Virginia. The ice and snow took the area by surprise and caused a massive traffic jam, resulting in people to being stranded for more than 20 hours. Some of these folks ran out of gas and needed food.

One couple Casey Holihan and her husband John Noe, who hadn’t eaten in 30 hours, were stuck on the interstate behind a bakery truck. They came up with the brilliant idea to call the company’s customer service, explain their situation, and ask if they could have some bread to eat. The owner of Schmidt Baking Company said that he would call the truck driver and instruct him to pass out all of the bread to anyone he could reach.

Casey and John were all too happy to help hand out the loaves of bread to the people who had been cold and hungry for almost two days. They, along with the truck driver Ron Hill, walked the interstate handing out bread to all of the people on the freeway until they were too frozen from the cold to walk anymore.

Casey was blown away at how quickly the baking company responded. She said it was great to see a company choose humanity over profit.

Learn more about this story as covered by NBC’s Today.

Suzanne’s Response:

Well, there are plenty of heroes in this story – the owner of the company, the truck driver, and, of course, Casey and John for initiating the good will of feeding so many people who were in need.

We’re glad that everyone is back home and safe.

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